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Our company Royal Weddings Pvt. Ltd. belongs to the global corporation of KGK Group. KGK Group with its history of more than 100 years in diamond-and-jewelry business is constantly enlarging business borders. Besides offered unique and exclusive jewelry, KGK Group has been developing new branches in its business: one of them is Royal Weddings Pvt. Ltd. - high-end wedding planner in Rajasthan (India).

Royal Weddings Pvt. Ltd. is specializing in the organization of wedding ceremonies and familiar celebrations all over Rajasthan. All our weddings regardless of kind and size are made to your specifications and budget. Our wedding coordinators take care of all aspects of your wedding.

Our goal is to organize your wedding overcoming your expectations. Beginning from the assistant and ending with the Director of Royal Weddings Pvt. Ltd., we bend every effort to make this day the most memorable of your life.

The idea of Royal Weddings Pvt. Ltd. belongs to Mr. Sunil Kumar – the Company’s Director, whose life is definite proof of a perfect combination of extraordinary things and simplicity’s beauty. We are applying the same approach to our weddings and the experience shows we do it perfectly.

The Management

Sunil Kumar | Director

Royal Weddings Company is the biggest realizing dream of Sunil Kumar. Being incredibly enthusiastic and cheerful, he is the perfect leader and organizer of any event at any place.

A native of this Royal land Sunil Kumar has a bag full of experience in management and coordinating events. He started off as a film production controller in Mumbai. He has worked for 23 years in this field and has contributed to various Hindi and English block busters movies.

After joining KGK Group of Companies, he is working as its Chief Executive and PR Liaison. Currently he is also coordinating mega tourism project of Jal Mahal and Entertainment Paradise multiplex. Life of Mr. Sunil is definite proof of a perfect combination of extraordinary things and simplicity's beauty.

Sheer dedication, hard work and honesty help him to make better relationships, not just better life.


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